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Hoodoo for Voodoo (2006)

After winning an all-expenses-paid Mardis Gras vacation in New Orleans, a tight-knit group of college friends prepare for the time of their lives. But boobs, beads and debauchery get pushed to the back burner when murder bubbles up to the surface. A local tourist trap hawking voodoo trinkets seems to be the source of all the trouble, but no one's sure who's pulling the strings when it comes to orchestrating the killings.

The movie Hoodoo for Voodoo, released in 2006, features 13 songs from artists like Ten 13 Concept, The Hlavin Quartet and Calabrese. What is your favorite song from Hoodoo for Voodoo?


Songs from Hoodoo for Voodoo

Go Away
Hoodoo for Voodoo
Ten 13 Concept
Church and State
So Cold
Funky Salamandar
The Hlavin Quartet
Tite Robe Courte
Flattery Lies
If U R My Antidote
The Chase
Ten 13 Concept
Death of Me

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